Window Replacements for Your Home

How Home Improvement Can Increase Your Home’s Value and Looks

Residents of Virginia know that their weather varies from very hot to very cold depending on the season. Two items that can make a tremendous difference to the value of your home and how it looks are its windows and doors.

Window Replacement Virginia

Years ago, all windows were made of wood and glass.  Now you have the option of replacing your windows with windows made of wood or vinyl, with dual pane glass or with a variety of high performance glasses. The high performance glasses include ones that will make your home energy efficient in summer and in winter. Additionally, they provide UV ray blocking which can help significantly in case your home has windows with fabric curtains or near fabric furniture: the UV ray blocking can prevent fading.

If privacy is what you are looking for, there is even glass that provides a pattern which allows in light, but obscures identity. Patterned glass can dress up an otherwise dull area in your home.

Window Options

Windows come in colors that match your home or that compliment it. The newer replacement windows do not flake, crack, corrode, blister, peel or rust. This means that your window replacement Northern Virginia can be almost entirely maintenance free.

A wide variety of hardware can provide you with metal and styles that match the rest of your home like antique brass and satin nickel. Wood or aluminum grilles can be placed in the windows to provide you with everything from a colonial pattern to a farmhouse window. Some manufacturers now make a grille that is embedded between the dual pane glass so that you have a smooth surface both inside and out but have the appearance of the grill pattern.

Custom Entry Doors Virginia

The other single thing you can do to your home to increase both its value and its appearance is to replace your entry door with a custom one. Most custom doors are made of wood, fiberglass, glass or metal.  The door you choose should be in keeping with the rest of your house: a medieval door on a ranch will not add value. As with replacement windows, there are many options available.

Since you will want to be protected from either heat or cold, according to the season, you will want to look at the energy efficient doors that are available. And if you want to add curb appeal to your house, you will want to get one manufactured for you that not only adds beauty to the house, but provides security. Your choices include estate doors in many different woods, single panel doors, doors with multiple panes like a Craftsman Door, and doors with a stained glass insert. You can even buy a hand carved door made to your specification.  And, like windows, doors have multiple options available for hardware: many metals like brass or bronze or wrought iron, latches with handles, door pulls, door knobs, in endless variety. Your biggest problem is deciding which door to buy.

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